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DuPage Medical Group Shares Tips for Summer Safety

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Summer’s in full swing and schedules are busier than ever. That’s why DuPage Medical Group put together a few basic wellness topics that are essential for keeping your children (and yourself) healthy and happy.

Rested & Ready
Establishing strong sleep habits in your children can have a lasting impact. School-age children between 5 and 12 should be getting 10 to 11 hours each night, and teens should get at least 9. Grade school into high school is when sleep deprivation becomes common, thanks to increased activities, technology consumption and social interaction. Set limits on such stimuli, especially one hour before sleep. Establish consistent bedtime routines and ensure that your child’s room is quiet with a comfortable temperature.

Food for Thought
Making healthy choices at mealtime can help your children avoid future issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure and cholesterol. Pay attention to where their calories are coming from, limiting added sugars and solid fats. Get organized by writing down menu ideas for the week, and try to involve your kids so they’ll feel more interested. An ideal meal should be half vegetables and fruit, with the other half split evenly between healthy proteins and whole grains. Get adventurous! There are plenty of non-traditional foods that are still very healthy – think: hummus, egg salad or guacamole.

Screen Sense
Your kids are growing up in a digital age, so it’s also important to find a good balance when it comes to screen time. This is more about monitoring their media and finding alternatives.

Try to establish tech-free time where the whole family is away from screens, creating a balance with socialization and activities such as family exercise, play dates, sports or outdoor exploration. Also consider mixing in stimulating options like board games and puzzles. And set an example by limiting your own screen time overall.

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