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Pat Honan, PGA Pro

Tip: Prevent swaying with this easy practice drill

A very common trait I observe during a golf lesson is a lack of body rotation. Golfers often compensate for a lack of rotation by swaying or moving their bodies laterally during the backswing which leads to all sorts of mishits – topped, weak, dribbling, heavy mishits that go right or left, anywhere but the target! If this sounds like you, breathe a sigh of relief because swaying is a treatable condition that can be cured. Try this practice drill that I teach my students to help eliminate frustrating mishits, create a foundation for great balance, and promote solid middle of the clubface shots. Start with a 7 iron then graduate to your driver. Begin with a neutral grip, rid yourself of any tension, set up to the ball as you would on any shot. As you prepare to swing put your feet completely together maintaining this position through the swing.  Your feet should remain together during the entire sequence. Swing away rotating your torso during the backswing while maintaining your balance.  Still keeping your feet together, rotate throughout the downswing through impact to a full finish. Good backswing rotation will help eliminate those mishits.

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