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Christ Community Church | Congregation Etz Chaim


Christ Community Church
St. Charles, Aurora, Dekalb, and Streamwood

Nothing is typical right now. Christ Community Church (with campuses in St. Charles, Aurora, DeKalb, and Streamwood) wants to assure you that this is not the way it is supposed to be. While none of us know why God allows suffering, we can take comfort knowing he didn’t exempt himself from suffering. In fact, he showed up on earth in the person of Jesus to suffer and die. He did it to give us life. To breathe life into our lungs. To give us hope.

During 2020, Christ Community has been reminded again and again of this hope—and that being the church was never about a building. It’s about being like Jesus where we are. Christ Community left its four Chicagoland buildings during shelter-in-place, but saw God move.

Now, in-person worship services have resumed in St. Charles, Aurora, Dekalb, and Streamwood with safety measures including social-distancing and mask-wearing. If you are looking for a safe, loving, and inspiring place to worship, we’d love to meet you.

You can join us online at as well. Not only do we broadcast four services per weekend, but we have a slate of online programs for kids and youth, support and recovery groups, and more. If you are feeling anxious, fearful, grief-stricken, or confused, we have a place for you called Care Night (

We’d like to extend two special invitations.

First, we believe stories matter. They move us and remind us of hope. This is why Christ Community brings in guests with inspiring stories three times a year. On December 12 & 13, our Inspiring Stories guest is Captain Tammie Job Shults, one of the U.S. Navy’s first female fighter pilots and former Southwest Airlines pilot. On April 17, 2018, she safely landed Flight 1380 after the aircraft suffered engine failure and rapid decompression of the aircraft.

Second, we hope you will join us in-person or online for Christmas Eve services on December 23 & 24 as we ask, “What are you looking for?” Learn more about Christ Community Church at

Congregation Etz Chaim
1710 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148

To be a human being is both simple and simultaneously complicated. The answer on how to live can be found in the Torah (Hebrew bible/Old Testament) in Leviticus 19:18 where it says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Rabbis have long interpreted this to mean that what you would not do against yourself, you cannot do to another person. The main taproot of Judaism, it has often been referred to as the Golden Rule. When we follow these words, we have a guide as to how we are to act in our lives.

We strive to remember to be a person of integrity. To be kind and merciful and temper justice with compassion. That ultimately, all of humankind is responsible for one another. Jews have been referred to as “The People of The Book.”  We study to remind us how to live our lives as if no one is watching – and yet as if we still answer to a Higher Being.  All that matters is our actions in the here and now. Even if there is a hereafter, it will take care of itself. Faith is good but not required. Judaism is a religion which compels us to take action:  To heal the world and be partners with God in the ongoing process of creation. And in this way, we continue to living the words of the Prophet Micah (6:8) What does God ask of us? “To Do Justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly in God’s ways.” When we follow this guidance, we are led to living life with the highest level of dignity for all.

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