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The Fermilab Arts & Lecture Series brings a whole world of music, family fun, and lectures on a variety of topics in the New Year!

Join us for the Gallery Chamber Series that kicks off with Chicago’s beloved Fifth-House Ensemble, performing Unchained Melodies on January 20; continues with British flutist and composer Ian Clarke on February 17; and closes with the Chicago Harp Quartet on March 24.

Seating is limited so order soon! 

Our lecture series brings a wide array of subjects including 3-D Cellular Printing, Listening In (Cybersecurity), the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, and Deep-Sea Bioluminescence with Edie Widder of ORCA.

Las Cafeteras of LA bring the funk on February 23, followed by Ireland’s Lunasa on March 9.

Don’t miss great family fun with Tomas Kubinek on April 13, the season closes with 18-year old jazz prodigy Matthew Whitaker and his trio on May 4. or 630/840.ARTS for more info!

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