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Golf Tip: Deliberate Practice…

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Everyone knows that “practice makes perfect”, but it’s important to remember that practice also makes permanent.

We often refer to beginning golfers as “blank canvases”, for the fact they have no bad habits as to how they use their body to swing a golf club. Possibly they have played other sports, and have athleticism, but that does not guarantee that they will naturally have good form in their golf swing. How do we make sure that we are practicing deliberately and turn “perfect” into “perfect and permanent”? Here are three practice methods that can help you:

1) Have One Goal. Whether it be executing a bump and run, or fixing your grip, practice with the mindset of fixing one thing not your entire game.

2) Use Today’s Technology: Video during practice allows a player to verify that they are performing their swing with the proper mechanics through visual feedback.

3) Practice Like You Play: Emulate the golf course when on the range by going through the same exact routine before hitting the ball.

Stay focused, stay disciplined with deliberate practice and your swing can become permanently perfect!

Golf tip provided by:
Golf Center Des Plaines
Justin Bentley, PGA Professional
GolfTec – Des Plaines
353 N. River Road, Des Plaines

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