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By Peter Longo, PGA Teaching Professional
@ The Preserve at Oak Meadows, 900 N. Wood Dale Rd. Addison, IL 60101 630-595-0071


They say that the light at the end of a tunnel might be an oncoming train, so the term “tunnel vision” can be a dubious characteristic. The dictionary defines “tunnel vision” as:

  1. an extreme narrowness of viewpoint,
  2. single-minded concentration on one objective.

There are historic examples of tunnel vision being a virtue and a vice, but I can tell you for sure that tunnel vision on the golf course leads to the pit more often than the penthouse. Most golfers, even some professionals, forget that one of the great attributes of golf is that there are always several ways to play every shot, so don’t limit yourself to one choice just out of habit.

Before every shot, consider these two points:

  1. Play into your strength. Use the shots you are most comfortable with, even if the situation calls for a different approach. You’ll do better with something you’re familiar with.
  2. Think ahead one shot …where is the best place to hit this one, so the next one will be easier?

You’ll be amazed at your increased percentage of “good” shots … meaning results, not style. Keep your mind open on the course. Leave the tunnels to trains and gophers.

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