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Properly Fit Clubs Are Just As Important For Junior Golfers

Properly fit equipment is a critical component in the development of all junior golfers. The variety of clubs available today makes this process much easier than 20 or 30 years ago when juniors were given their parents old clubs.

Juniors playing with cut-down or clubs that are clearly too long for them will result in frustration, poor swing mechanics, and the start of bad habits. Clubs that are cut-down will be improperly balanced or much too heavy to swing properly. Grips that are too big will also make it difficult to swing properly and hit the ball at the target. A certified fitter will make sure they’re using the proper clubs for their age and height.

Junior clubs are available based on age and height. A set of junior clubs will only last at most a couple seasons before they grow into the next set. A junior set consists of 3–7 clubs, and is relatively inexpensive compared to an adult set. Some companies offer a trade-in value as the child outgrows their current clubs and needs the next size up. Taking the step of seeing a PGA Professional or certified fitter will result in a happy and successful golfer.

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Rob Hutzler, PGA Professional
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