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Lemont’s “Lemonster Days”

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Lemont’s main event in October is our annual Halloween Hoedown on the last Saturday of the month, October 26.  However, continuing a tradition started several years ago, Lemont celebrates Halloween all month long!  Known collectively as “Lemontster Days,” we have events throughout the community for young and old alike with something for everyone throughout October.  For details on Lemont’s Halloween Hoedown and all of the “Lemontster Days” events, visit

No matter the season, breathtaking hills, valleys, quarries and canals frame Lemont, a quaint village just 25 miles southwest of Chicago.  This unexpected sanctuary is an ideal place to live, visit and experience.  As we approach fall, there’s no shortage of things to do in Lemont.

Lemont Farmers Market a/k/a #TuesdaysOnTalcott continues to run every Tuesday morning through the end of October.

Lemont is an oasis of dining, shopping, events and activities, all year long. Whatever you do this fall, come and experience Lemont, and Enjoy Our Scene!

Village of Lemont
Enjoy Our Scene!

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