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LIMIT YOUR THREE-PUTTS! ~Golf Center, Des Plaines

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If there’s one place where average golfers can quickly cut strokes from their scores, it’s on the green. Luckily, we have the perfect exercise to pinpoint exactly where your putting needs work.

Three skills go into putting: green reading, distance control, and starting direction. You need to put all three to the test. 1) Place a ball 15 to 20 feet from the hole. Find a putt with a slight break, and place a tee in the ground even with the hole at the apex of how much you think the putt will break. This will serve as the line you are aiming to start your putt on. 2) Set up a “gate” with two tees 4 inches apart on your intended line about a foot in front of the ball. The idea is to roll the ball through the gate, to give you feedback on your starting direction. 3) If your putts come up short of the hole, spend time on distance control. If you hit the gate right off the bat, work on face and path control. If your ball didn’t break like you thought, practice green reading.


Golf Center Des Plaines
Justin Bentley, PGA Professional
GolfTec – Des Plaines
353 N. River Road, Des Plaines • 847-803-GOLF

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