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Mind.Body.Spirit…Start the New Year Off Right!

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What better way to start off the New Year then cultivating a balance of your mind, body and soul. Here are some steps and resources to help you along this journey.



Millions of adults just made New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. Those individuals vowed to start or stop doing something that would have a positive impact on their health, happiness or character. As a result, during the first two weeks in January, health clubs are filled to capacity, self-improvement books are sold at record rates, and Pastors preach in crowded churches. Unfortunately, for too many people, the third week in January is when excuses start to become more powerful than promises. Soon 92% of the people who made a resolution will admit to giving up on their goal to create positive change this year.

The reason so many people fail has nothing to do with a lack of desire. When someone makes a resolution, their aspirations are always high. However, the motivation to take the action required to succeed starts to fade during the execution process. Before long, the results we long for turn to regret because we don’t get what we wish for in life…we get what we work for.

The dictionary defines ‘resolution’ as a decision or determination to do something. Synonyms include perseverance, tenacity; strength and fortitude. What’s not mentioned is the fact that we can’t resolve to do anything meaningful in our life until we develop the courage to move out of our comfort zone on a daily basis.

When you stay in your comfort zone, you maintain your old habits and your brain feels safe and secure. You can predict what will happen next and how you will respond. You can survive operating below your potential but you can’t thrive. In fact, the comfort zone should be called the danger zone because if you stay in there too long, you stop growing and your dreams die a slow death.

This year, resolve to get comfortable being uncomfortable while you do your best to keep moving forward. Break out of your old routines by taking small steps…not giant leaps. The big hairy audacious goals might look good on paper, but when you’re trying to replace a negative habit with a positive one, size matters and small is better than big.

Fortunately, we can learn to build positive behaviors into our daily routines and it’s not very hard to do. We just have to base our actions on our commitment, not our feeling. If you wait till you feel like doing something to change your behavior, you’ll never leave your comfort zone. Decide today what positive goal you’re going to achieve and commit to taking one small step outside your comfort zone. It’s important to keep moving forward, especially when you don’t feel like doing it.

For example, if you want to be healthier this year and you didn’t attend a health club regularly last year, you’re setting yourself up for failure by resolving to go every week. You’re better off creating the goal of getting up from your desk and moving every hour, or parking your car further away from your destination, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Your brain will try to convince you the positive action you plan to take is not important or trick you into believing you can start the new behavior tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Just do it and you’ll be glad you did.

You can use the same philosophy with any behavior you want to change in your personal and professional life. Just pick a positive goal and identify one small action that will move you out of your comfort zone and toward your objective. Soon your behavior will turn into a habit; and before long, you will be healthier, happier and more productive. You will also inspire those you lead and love to keep moving forward when it comes to changing their behavior. As Emerson said a long time ago… “What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.”

By Bill Durkin
Let’s Get Better. Together! One Positive Place. 630-215-5144.


TransWorld’s Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show
Recharge your Mind, Body & Soul by attending the TransWorld’s Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show coming to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on February 21-24, 2019.  Shop for yourself, your family, and friends for every occasion and celebration and get your New Year off to a great start.  A day at a TransWorld’s JF&A Show adds up to a great time and better deals than you will find in any mall. Get FREE gifts just for attending and buying at the show.  KIDS DAY ON SUNDAY, FEB.24th: You can bring your kids ages 9-16 with an accompanying adult to the show.  Register kids on-site only and a $5 fee applies. They will receive a FREE Sports Keychain as a gift from us.  For complete details, visit our website at: to register.

Personal Discovery Awaits
…at the Body Mind Spirit Expo!
Now in its 31st year, Body Mind Spirit Expo and has become the largest health and wellness expo in the U.S. The expo creates an arena for the general public to increase their knowledge of alternative health and metaphysical topics.

Returning to Chicago Northlake, March 2-3, at the Midwest Conference Center, the expo brings to life a positive healing environment. The best from Chicago join with others from throughout the country to provide the essential tools for discovering overall health and wellbeing.

Retail exhibitors offer everything from natural and holistic health products to spiritual books and enlightened art. Healers at the expo provide treatments ranging from massages and yoga techniques to intuitive readings.

Weekend admission of $14 includes free lectures and demos as well as admission to the Exhibit Hall. Rejuvenate—receive a relaxing massage, have your aura photo taken and open yourself to new ideas. The expo offers a safe environment for growth and exploration, so mark your calendar for the entire weekend!

Location: Midwest Conference Center 401 W Lake St Northlake, IL  60164. For more information and a $1 off coupon, call Marcella at 541-482-3722 X2 or visit

Villa St. Benedict
In order to gain the reputation as the area’s leading senior living community there must be a commitment to enhancing the everyday lives of the residents who live there, by offering more than just a place to live.

It needs to be a place they can call home.

At Villa St. Benedict, this is accomplished by creating a daily lifestyle for the residents that encompasses every aspect of their lives…

Mind, Body & Spirit. Whether it be attending Daily Mass in the beautiful Sacred Heart Chapel; staying healthy and fit with various exercise classes in the state of the art Performance Enhancement Center or participating in any one of the great daily activities organized by the Life Enrichment Department. There is never a shortage of fun and educational programs to keep the residents engaged and involved.

Visit for more information or call (630) 852-0345 to schedule your personal tour today! Located at 1920 Maple Ave. Lisle, IL 60532.

Heartland Wellness Retreat and Spa
We at the Heartland Spa want to take this opportunity to share how happy and excited we are  to announce our re-opening on January 1, 2019 as a plant-based Lifestyle Health Spa. After years of providing an incredible destination for people seeking a peaceful sanctuary and quality health and fitness programs, we have decided to modify our direction and focus on providing a whole food plant-based health and vacation experience.

We will still offer the incredible fitness, stress management and spa services that you have been accustomed to in the warm, comfortable, pristine setting of Lake Geneva. But we could no longer avoid the vast body of research and clinical experience that clearly shows the remarkable benefits of plant-based eating for health, performance and recovery.

Eating in a plant-based manner significantly eliminates many of the chronic diseases affecting so many people today and reduces the inflammation, pain and disability associated with these problems. So we at Heartland truly feel that it is imperative for us to embrace the power of this way of living to provide our guests the highest quality health and wellness experience possible.

Heartland will now be a unique vegan plant-based health spa and health education center providing the highest quality plant-based cuisine  in addition to a variety of programs dedicated to your pampering, fitness and stress management needs and goals. So we urge you to please come and join us for a health, and life, changing experience that truly reflects our renewed commitment to personal and environmental health. We are completely committed to excellence in all that we do and we look forward to serving and caring for you for years to come. Harold Lebovic, President.

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