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Overshadowed’s “I Remember Pop” starts Friday!

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“I Remember Pop”
Overshadowed Theatrical Productions
September 13 – October 5, 2019 TICKETS AVAILABLE

An original Overshadowed Production based on a real life story.

“I Remember Pop” is the true story of a man who was willing to lose everything to follow Jesus. Born into a wealthy household and destined to be the heir of his family business, he set privilege and prestige aside to answer the call to the ministry. Throughout the play, Pop’s life story unfolds with unexpected twists as discovered through the eyes of his granddaughter. It’s a remarkable story with heart-felt moments and an enriching, spiritual message—if we submit to God, He will direct our steps.

Join us for this story that will make you cherish the moments of your family both young and old.

Performing at 900 Foster Avenue in Medinah, Illinois.

For tickets visit or call 630.634.2100.

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