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Take a Minute for Medicare Today…

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…and Get Ready for 2020.

At DuPage Medical Group, our patients often approach us with questions regarding Medicare coverage and which plans might be right for them. One such option is Medicare Advantage, which can offer improvements in both cost and overall care.

What are some of the extended benefits?
Medicare Advantage plans offer the same coverage as traditional Medicare, plus additional features through Medicare-approved private companies. Coverage under Medicare Advantage plans often includes preventive care and wellness services such as disease prevention, chronic care management and even gym memberships. Dental and vision coverage are also common features included in Medicare Advantage plans. Lastly, most Medicare Advantage policies include Medicare prescription drug coverage (also known as “Part D”) and do not require Medigap (supplemental) coverage.

Who are good candidates?
Medicare Advantage can be the perfect solution for seniors looking to take more control of their health through expanded healthcare services. Medicare Advantage policyholders secure coverage for a number of services which would not be deemed “medically necessary” under traditional Medicare plans, potentially offering them more peace of mind when it comes to their health.

How does it work?
Each Medicare Advantage plan operates a little differently, making the options more flexible. However, Medicare Advantage costs also change on an annual basis depending on factors like copayments, deductibles, plan network policies and charges for extra benefits.

When is a good time to consider plans?
We encourage patients to discuss health care decisions with their family members and meet with a licensed insurance agent to compare their plan options. Since Medicare costs and plan benefits do change every year, it’s important to review how these fluctuations may impact your health care the following year.

DuPage Medical Group helps coordinate Medicare education seminars at many of our offices. To learn more, visit

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