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The March+April issue of Suburban Family is here…

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… and is designed perfectly for families in the Chicago Suburbs. This issue is jam-packed with many great informative features…with a special focus on Super Summer Camps,  our Annual Fitness/Race Guide, Springtime Fun, Party Planning and more!

* Our 20th Anniversary edition…see below
* Planning a Spring Break That Doesn’t Break You
* SPECIAL: Springtime Fun
* On Stage!
* How to Throw a Party that Kids AND Adults Enjoy
* Party Places
* What Type of Camp Will Your Child Like?
* SPECIAL: Summer Camp Source
* Sun Safety at Camp
* Tips for Success at Sleep-Away Camp
* Autism Awareness
* Education Resource
* Simple and Sustainable Ways to Become Healthier
* Healthy Eating Habits
* Lacking Motivation? Sign Up for a Race!
* SPECIAL: 2019 Annual Race Guide
* Train for Success
* Chicagoland Family Events Calendar
* Big Times in the Big City
* Dining Guide

You are viewing our 20th Anniversary edition.
Yes, 20 years ago we had a vision for a Chicago suburban magazine that would celebrate the essence of what makes families stronger… an active lifestyle, strong family values, engagement with each other, concern for health and exercise, education and development…and oh yes, having fun! So much has happened during this time, including some name changes: Fit & Fun to Suburban Focus to Suburban Family. But, despite our moniker tweakings, the message has always been the same…and you, our loyal readers, have always been there. We are grateful for you, especially in this digital age that has left so many publication by the wayside. In fact, we are delighted to report that both magazine and digital are stronger than ever. We are also grateful for our many, many advertisers, who simply without their support, producing a magazine like Suburban Family would not be possible.

It’s not very often that we step out from behind the curtain, but this is a special milestone, and we would like to recognize and thank some folks that have been with us for a good part of the journey: Laura Zolper, Tim Devine, Cory Ottenwess, Ken Balloun, Don Bunting, John Kenney, Don Melton, Wille and Virginia Young, Debby Reimer, Todd Noble, Karl Fauteck, Glen Suerte and Lou Fracassi. Last and most important are thanks to my wife, Sue Wolf, who truly is the person who breathed life into our magazine vision of 20 years ago! Here’s to many more successful years.

– Jim Wolf, Publisher

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