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The WINTER FUN! 2019 issue of Suburban Family is here…

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… and is designed perfectly for families in the Chicago Suburbs. This issue is jam-packed with many great informative features…with a special focus on winter activities,  advice for your mind-body-spirit, education, party planning and more!


Winter Fun!

On Stage

Bring the Family Closer: Winter Resolutions that Inspire Togetherness

Tips to Keep Kids Warm All Winter


  • Keep Moving Forward
  • Mind.Body.Spirit…Resource


  • Party Planning Basics
  • Party Places

Kid’s Education Central

  • How To Support Parents of Special Needs Children
  • Education Resource
  • 4 Tips for Smoother Mornings When Your Child has ADHD
  • Ten Suggestions From Child-care Provider

Family Wellness

  • Simple Steps for Healthy Eating
  • Healthy (and Diabetes-Friendly) Super Bowl Recipes That Score!

Active Kids

  • 5 Ways To Boost Kids’ Self-Esteem
  • Active Kid Zone

Fitness First

  • Exercise without Spending a Dime
  • Fitness Events

Great Events

  • #1 family events calendar
  • City Events
  • Ongoing Events

Dining Out

  • Superb romantic and family places to dine out!

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